Useful Links & Resources

When To Harvest

Marking a timber harvest correctly is a complicated task. Don’t let anyone tell you different! There are a lot of points to consider if you want to do it right. And the long- term affects can be devastating to your forest if it is done incorrectly. Completing a harvest is the single most important thing you can do in your forest to affect its growth and quality, and to accomplish your management objective. So what should be considered when marking a harvest? Read More »

Improving your Forest Growth and Quality

Want to improve the growth and quality of trees in your forest? Do timber stand improvement (or TSI for short). TSI simply put, is a weeding of the woods process. It removes unwanted trees and vines that compete for sunlight with desirable trees you want to grow. By releasing “crop” trees in your forest, you can increase their growth, prevent these trees from becoming deformed as they search for more light, and reduce unwanted competition to maintain a healthier and more vigorous forest.Read More »

Post-Planting Care for Your Hardwood Plantation

The reforestation project recently completed on your property by Multi-Resource Management, Inc. was carefully planned and executed so that it will be successful and flourish. To insure it will develop into a healthy and natural dynamic ecosystem, some commitment on your part will be required. It is our hope that your efforts of nurturing and caring for your planting will bring you the multiple benefits and dividends associated with a healthy forest. Read More »

Forestry Links

About forestry
– Created by Steve Nix, this is a great source of forestry information that will appeal to anyone with an interest in forests and woodland management.

The Association of Consulting Foresters of America
– This is the home page for The Association of Consulting Foresters of America.

Indiana Forest and Woodland Owners Association
– Representing Indiana Forests & Forest Landowners since 1977.

Indiana DNR-Forestry
– The Indiana Department of Natural Resources – Division of Forestry Web Site.

Purdue Forestry Extension Publications
– Purdue Extension publications dealing with many topics in forestry & natural resources.

Indiana Woodland Steward Homepage
– A clearing house for Indiana forestry topics. Includes links to Purdue Forestry (great timber tax resource) and Indiana Division of Forestry Tree Care Made Easy
– Interesting site with sections on tree diseases, pests, etc.
– An excellent site for forestland owners about timber taxation, estate planning, and more.
– Trade & commerce of forest products, equipment, materials, and services, improving landowner access to the forest products market place.

Private Landowners Network
– Some excellent information & resources concerning land management, capital preservation, and tax & estate planning strategies. – Conscientious Wood Use
– 101 Handy Sites for Conscientious Wood Use.